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Making Offering

Offerings are the traditional art and part of Balinese daily religious activities and dedicated to neutralize energy for a consistent equilibrium at all time. Offerings are seen in the entire resort area, in the resort shrines, on the grounds or even in front of your room. We invite to learn of making offerings.

Purify Ceremony

Bali is often referred to as the island of ‘holy water’ because of the countless number of sacred springs on Bali and because holy water is the key element in their purification ceremonies.

This spiritual activity is held privately and one day advance reservation is required.

Dance Performances

Ubud and surrounding areas offer a wealth of cultural performances to entertain all tastes. Although many area a shortened version of the original, all provide the opportunity of sampling a small part of Balinese culture during each day. Some of popular dance in Bali such as Legong Dance, Barong Dance and Kecak Dance are regularly performance in Ubud area.

Trekking with Guides

Ubud area is rich in scenic beauty, offering breathtaking views of valleys and rivers covered by lush tropical vegetation and terraced paddy fields watered by ‘Subak’, the traditional Balinese irrigation system and inhale 100% pure oxygen while you enjoy the long distance views of rice fields and dozens of coconut trees.

This activity is available daily guided by a professional hotel trekker.

Yoga Class

A holistic exercise for your mind, body and soul. The class is conducted by an experienced Balinese Yoga Instructor who has been practicing yoga for years and feels the great benefits of yoga. It is suitable for beginners.

One day advance reservation is required.

Balinese Cooking Lesson

Get a taste of what our professional and talented Chef by joining Balinese Cooking Lesson. You will discover four of his secret recipes and learn some tricks of the trade before sampling the finished dishes.

It would include tour to morning market, food recipe, and certificate from the Chef. Please book one day in advance and our Chef will pleased to meet you for further arrangement.

Dance Lesson

Balinese still maintain their traditional attire especially for any cultural activities such as temple festivals, funeral or traditional cultural activities.
Experience Balinese tradition in fashion and dance handed through generations. We invite you to learn of Balinese Dance Lesson.

Spiritual Journey

Experience a day spiritual activity begins by visiting famous Balinese healer and fortune teller and continue by purify ritual to cleanse your body, mind and soul.

This activity is so much recommended during your stay.

Balinese Kite Making

Curious about the colorful objects that adorn the Balinese sky when you are here? Yes, it is a kite with unique shapes typical of this island. You can learn it and we are happy to provide the learning package.

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